Software Engineer with 7+ years of industry experience and with 5+ years of volunteering experience.

Extensive experience working in Human Resources, Algorithmic Trading and Productivity Tools Industry.

I have been working with Ruby in a professional setting since 2016, with a single ~2 year exception of working with C++ and Python (had a lot of fun learning about actor systems working with CAF - C++ Actor Framework).

Some of the roles/titles I held thus far during my professional & volunteering career:

  • Host / Project Lead of EuRuKo 2024
  • Software Engineering Manager
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Junior Software Engineer
  • Team Lead / Coordinator / Mentor


  • Research & Development
  • Software Design
  • Team Leadership

Tech stack I worked with thus far:

  • Ruby, C++, Python
  • Ruby on Rails, C++ Actor Framework
  • Emberjs, ReactJS
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Kubernetes, Google Cloud, Azure, AWS

Career Overview


List of things I love

  • My family
  • Commiting to a good cause
  • Good people & good stories
  • Good movies (since I was very little)
  • Coffee